What Type of Glass is Commercial Glass?

You must select suitable materials for the job if you are just starting a new glazing project. However, many people don’t know what commercial glass is, and even less would be able to tell you the difference between regular glass and safety glass for residential projects, let alone the specifications needed for commercial development.

So, to ensure that your upcoming job is a total success, we’ve written this blog to help you understand what commercial glass is and why you should use it in commercial environments.

What glass can I use for a commercial project?

Commercial glass is also known as safety glass. Safety glass has been designed to suit the requirements of commercial projects. This specific glass type is designed to work in larger glass panes compared to glass required for residential installations. This is because residential properties commonly only need small glass panes for designs such as windows or balconies. With commercial properties, however, glass is often used as a material for curtain walling systems, for example, which require much larger glass panes.

Safety glass is often made bespoke to order to fit the exact specifications of a particular commercial building.

Commercial glass types can include:

  • Flat Glass
  • Plexiglass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Wired (wire mesh) Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Insulate Glass
  • Spandrel Glass
  • Security Glass

Why should I use safety glass for a commercial project?

Since safety glass can be used on a far larger scale, different industry regulations are enforced on its specification for commercial projects. Safety glass is a highly specialised building material, and to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, the type of glass used in these settings must adhere to strict standards.

Health and safety must be respected when adding glass to a commercial property.

Commercial safety glass for commercial property projects

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