Wendland Roofing Vs Timber Roofing: what are the differences?

Wendland conservatory roofs are designed to be a high-performing replacement roof system or part of a new build conservatory. Wendland roofing systems offer a fully glazed roof to maximise natural light intake or a tiled roof system to boost privacy and optimise thermal performance. At TDK Frames, we also provide a selection of Wendland roof lanterns, a popular choice for orangeries and flat roof extensions.

But is Wendland roofing better than timber roofing for your conservatory? Let’s look at the details and discover the best option for your customers.

What are the benefits of Wendland roofing?

The main benefit of using Wendland replacement roofs is flexibility. These replacement roof systems cope and accommodate any roof design and shape. Wendland systems offer a complete range of glazing options, including 24mm and 32mm, with various colour options, including white, rosewood and golden oak.

All three Wendland roof systems provide a multitude of benefits and innovative features. With Wendland roofs from TDK Trade Frames, you can expect:

Tiled roofsGlass RoofsRoof Lanterns
Choice of 3 attractive tilesChoice of 24mm or 32mm glazingAvailable in PVCu or aluminium
Fully insulated 380mm structural beamRoof pitch from 5 to 41 degrees20-degree roof pitch
Lightweight panels (38kg per m²)Hidden gaskets for improved weather protectionThermal breaks for enhanced insulation
U-values as low as 0.13W/m²KSelection of decorative crestingNo visible fixings

Can I use a timber roof on a conservatory?

Yes, you can use a timber roof, but despite timber being a prime choice of construction material, it still has flaws. It is essential to consider a timber frame replacement before purchasing and installing a new timber roof.

What are some potential problems with using timber conservatory roofs?

Wood rot

While uncommon, wood rot is still a problem with any timber construction. Any condensation in a conservatory roof could cause timbers to start to rot. Wendland systems don’t have any issues with rot.

Heavy Materials

Timber is a weighty building material compared to a Wendland roofing system and may not be suitable for a conservatory. If the conservatory is not in the best shape, a timber roof could cause structural problems, as a Wendland replacement roof would be appropriate.

Fire Hazard

You can treat wood to reduce the fire risk, but the timber will still be flammable. Wendland systems are fully fire tested for your peace of mind and safety.

Doesn’t Solve Insulation Issues

One of the main reasons homeowners are looking for a conservatory roof replacement is to reduce heat loss but changing to a timber roof won’t help much. A timber roof replacement won’t fix the problem if a conservatory roof is inefficient, as a Wendland system is proven to be thermally efficient.

Wendland roofing systems in South West England

Wendland has over 25 years of experience in the conservatory roof industry. Their roof systems have been used in conservatory installations and home upgrades across the UK.

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