Glass Balustrades

At TDK Trade Frames, we provide our trade clients with sectional glass balustrades for commercial and residential applications. We supply glass balustrades for clients throughout Dorset, Wiltshire and the South West.

Glass balustrades for interior and exterior applications.

Our glass balustrades help to boost natural light intake as well as enhance general safety with strong glass barriers.

Glass balustrades are a popular product in both the commercial and residential sector. In homes, they are often used as part of a staircase partition or on landings and balconies. When used internally, they help to enhance light flow around a property while providing equal safety protection as more traditional timber barriers. Externally, glass balustrades are used in gardens as barriers around patio areas, swimming pools and terraces.

In the commercial sector, glass balustrades are often chosen to create distinct working areas inside a building. They can be used on communal walkways to control the flow of pedestrians. They are often installed around stairways and lifts, and their main functions are to create a safe area, particularly in high-rise installations and to maximise natural light flow into and around a building.

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