Residence Collection Windows – the key differences

The Residence Collection is a high-quality luxury product. It is a leading brand that manufactures an incredible uPVC timber effect window that has been designed to replicate the 19th-century window style.

You can offer customers the next generation of uPVC windows, which will meet current design trends and boost your profit margins simultaneously! Let’s look at the differences between the Residence 7 and Residence 9 collections and see which one your clients will choose for their next home improvement project.

Residence 7 Vs Residence 9 windows

The Residence 7 and 9 collections do share similarities, but they have some differences to consider.

The two collections offer different profiles. The Residence 7 windows offer a fully flush profile inside and out, as Residence 9 offers a flush exterior profile and a decorative internal appearance. They do share the same bespoke range of hardware and accessories so you can customise the new windows to your client’s preferred home style.

What are the differences between Residence 7 and Residence 9 windows?

Although the Residence 7 and 9 collections have similarities, they offer several differences that make the profiles differ.

Residence 7 Residence 9
Chamber profiles 7 9
U-values 1.2 W/m2k 1.2 W/m2k
Energy ratings A+ A+
Colour range 20 Colour choices with dual colour options 23 Colour choices with dual colour options
Foil choice 11 Fully foiled choices 11 Foil choices and 3 unfoiled choices
Flush profiles Fully flush profiles inside and out External flush profile only, decorative interior
Profile width 75mm width 100mm width
Glazing options Double or triple glazing Double or triple glazing
Weatherbar No Yes
Corner joints Mitre weld, Graf weld, diagonal joints, or MechWeld/external timber look joints Butted together to resemble original timber

While both collections offer high-quality luxury window design, these fundamental differences can determine whether R7 or R9 windows are the right choices for your customers.

The modern manufacturing process of Residence windows

The modern manufacturing process for the fabrication of the Residence window collection improves the window’s strength and removes the need for glass bonding. The perfectly sealed joints in the Residence frames will not crack, move, or open and are screwed and glued together just like timber windows.

This process is known as authentic timber weld and has revolutionised the industry. Residence windows are leading the way in this manufacturing technique. The advantage of this technique is the internal weld strength increases the rigidity of the profile giving a market-leading edge.

Residence windows in South West England

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