Profile 22 vs Rehau – the main differences

Double glazing installers often ask us what the main difference is between two of the best uPVC window profiles in the UK – Profile 22 and REHAU uPVC windows. There are several subtle differences, but the main difference is that Profile 22 windows feature the official police security accreditation (Secured by Design) as standard. Further notable differences include:

Profile 22 windows REHAU windows
Feature more insulating chambers than REHAU profiles Offer slimmer casement window profiles (60 mm)
Incorporate triple glazing with ease Deliver a higher resistance thanks to their specialist (High Definition Finishing) high gloss surface to keep them looking their best for longer
Can be enhanced further with thermal inserts if required Offer optional steel inserts for improved strength
Available in more colour choices Can be enhanced further with seamless smart home integration through their unique ‘Smart Guard’ system

REHAU windows

Both brands offer outstanding thermal insulation, acoustic performance, enhanced security, weather performance, and sustainability, so let’s look at each one in greater detail.

Profile22 Flush casement

Are Profile 22 windows any good?

With a history dating back over 40 years, Optima windows from Profile 22 provide one of the UK’s leading uPVC window and door systems.

Profile 22 windows strike the perfect balance between secure peace of mind and enhanced kerb appeal, meeting the high standards of security required by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Secure by Design scheme.

Boasting a 6-chambered outer frame with a 5-chambered sash, Profile 22 windows can be enhanced further with 6 or 8 chambered sections complete with recycled composite inserts to boost thermal efficiency even further – enabling them to achieve the highest energy ratings possible (A++).

Compare our Profile 22 window styles & features

Profile 22 Casement Windows Profile 22 Flush Sash Windows Profile 22 Sliding Sash Windows
Fully integrated 70mm system Fully integrated 70mm system 128 mm outer frame
Heritage, chamfered or sculptured frames Sleek flush finish with mechanical joints Traditional box sash (heritage)
Double or triple glazing Double or triple glazing Double glazing
0.8 W/m²K – A rated 1.2 W/m²K – A rated 1.4 W/m²K – A rated
PAS 24 approved PAS 24 approved PAS 24 approved
30 unique shades + wood effects, flat & grained finishes, & dual colour ” “ ” “
ISO 14001 certified for effective Environmental Management & VinylPlus® Product Label holders ” “ ” “

Why REHAU trade window frames?

Extruding the first PVC window profile in 1958, REHAU was one of the first companies in the UK to produce and sell uPVC window systems – and is now one of the world’s leading uPVC window manufacturers.

Tested to the highest quality, performance, and security standards, slimline REHAU 60 mm casement windows can be strengthened with optional steel sections for extra durability and rigidity where needed. Furthermore, available with all REHAU window systems and opening types, the optional Smart Guard system provides preventative security measures using intelligent smart sensors that can spot intruders and automatically activate defences to keep them out.

Able to achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency, reaching WER A ratings with their 3-chamber design, REHAU windows also contain a unique compound that guarantees a smooth, high gloss finish, meaning that your customer’s new windows remain in pristine condition for longer.

Here’s what some people have said about REHAU windows in the past:

‘The new REHAU window systems has enabled us to market a luxury standard of apartment comfort for potential purchasers, and that resonates perfectly with our ethos of providing high-quality redevelopments.”

“The installation of REHAU windows at this project has not only allowed us to increase the quality of life for occupants, but hopefully help them achieve some significant energy savings through reduced heat wastage.”

Compare our REHAU window styles & features

REHAU Casement Windows REHAU Flush Sash Windows REHAU Sliding Sash Windows
60 mm or 70 mm profile depth 70 mm profile depth 137 mm profile depth
Chamfered or sculptured frames Sleek flush finish, mechanical or welded corner joints Traditional box sash (heritage)
Double or triple glazing Double glazing Double glazing
0.8 W/m²K – A rated 1.3 W/m²K – A rated 1.1 W/m²K – A rated
New security solutions with their innovative Smart Guard system ” “ ” “
22 unique shades via 4 colour collections + wood effects & dual colour ” “ ” “
ISO 14001 certified for effective Environmental Management ” “ ” “

Which is the best uPVC profile?

Homeowners love to ask this question! There is no right or wrong answer, of course, as it all depends on the property style, area, personal taste, and budget. So, when they ask what the differences are between Profile 22 and REHAU window systems, you’ll be able to impress them with what you’ve just learnt! Both systems offer straightforward installation, similar pricing structures (without extras), and outstanding quality and performance.

High-performance trade windows for installers in Dorset, Wiltshire & the South West

Dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality, TDK Trade Frames offers both Profile 22 and REHAU windows, as well as high-quality Halo, Deceuninck, Veka, and Residence Collection window systems, in a range of popular styles and finishes sure to catch the eye of new customers in your area and increase your quote to sale conversions.

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