Is Pilkington Glass Good for Double Glazing?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the glass for your new double-glazed units. There are patterns, colours, stains, and specialist glass, depending on personal preference, house style and budget.

One of the specialist glass options is Pilkington Glass, but what is it? And is it any good?

Let’s answer the common questions about Pilkington glass.

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What is Pilkington Glass?

Pilkington Glass is a leading manufacturer of glass-based here in the UK. Pilkington has a wide range of flat glass solutions and is made using advanced glass and coating technology.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products suited to various industries offering our trade clients flexibility in their services.

Is Pilkington glass thermally efficient?

Pilkington Glass offers incredible energy efficiency with some of their glass ranges as low as 0.9 Ug-value, which gives superior thermal insulation performance compared to other glazing products on the market.

One of Pilkington’s ranges is K glass, Low-E glass, which stands for low emissivity glass. It has a special metal coating which creates a type of insulation. It gives the glass increased energy efficiency by reducing the heat or cold transfer through the glass. This range is well-known to homeowners as a trusted brand. It is a reliable solution for meeting building regulations concerning thermal performance. 

Is Pilkington glass good for double glazing?

Yes! Pilkington is an excellent choice for double glazing. It has a U-value of 1.9, significantly lower than typical double glazing and offers the same energy efficiency as triple glazing.

Installing Pilkington double glazed units offers many benefits:

  • Increases the energy efficiency of your home
  • Decreases the amount of energy you use
  • Reduces the money spent on heating bills
  • More thermally efficient than single or standard double glazing
  • Provides you with the quality and reassurance you expect from an industry-leading brand
  • Manufactured to the highest European quality criteria

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